Robotics Active Vision Group – Cinvestav

Robotics Active Vision Group

El Grupo de Visión Robótica Activa, (RAVG en inglés) es parte de posgrado de Robótica y Manufactura Avanzada del CINVESTAV-IPN campus Saltillo en el norte de Máxico (Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila). En el grupo, estamos interesados en proyectos donde la visión activa es esencial para aplicaciones robóticas.

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Active Vision and Field Robotics

  Luz Abril Torres Méndez Abril is in charge of this Lab. The research is focused primarily on developing a clear understanding of the computational and engineering aspects related to perception, reconstruction, recognition and tracking with the aim of improving existing robotic systems and/or designing new models to allow for[…]

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Vision in Robotics

Gustavo Arechavaleta   Gustavo is in charge of this Lab. The research areas are: Motion generation and control for anthropomorphic mechanisms Humanoid robots Virtual mannequins Redundant arms and hands Vision-based robot localization and navigation Computational models of human walking Differential systems Statistical models  

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Applied Computer Vision

Reyes Ríos-Cabrera Reyes is in charged of this Lab. The main topics here are related with object recognition and image understanding applied to mobile and aerial robots. We explore Machine Learning Techniques to solve real world problems. The specific topics are: Image processing Object detection (2D and 3D) Computer vision[…]

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Shape analysis and 3D reconstruction

Mario Castelán Mario is in charged of this Lab. The Lab’s research area is related with the discovery of hidden relationships in data containing a large amount of variables in comparison with a small number of observations. This falls in the field of statistical analysis with an emphasis on dimensionality reduction[…]

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Drones Lab

This laboratory, is a shared facility for the Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing graduate program of CINVESTAV- Saltillo. It is a double story building height, with a base of about 50 m2. The lab is equipped with an Optitrack system, to test and develop methods for drones.    

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