Grupo de Visión Robótica Activa – Cinvestav


Active Vision and Field Robotics


Luz Abril Torres Méndez

Abril is in charge of this Lab. The research is focused primarily on developing a clear understanding of the computational and engineering aspects related to perception, reconstruction, recognition and tracking with the aim of improving existing robotic systems and/or designing new models to allow for a semi-autonomous or fully autonomous operation.
A key aspect is the use and understanding how sensor data (e.g., visual, inertial, force sensors) can be integrated in an efficient way to achieve our goals.

The research lines we address are: visual-based spatial (absolute) and topological (qualitative) localization, cognitive learning skills for navigation, active perception and human-robot interaction, visual based autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, 3D environment reconstruction for mobile robots, characterization of the 3D structure of environments using statistical and probabilistic methods.